Investment strategy

The PFA Group invests in real estate both in Denmark and abroad.

PFA Ejendomme (PFA Real Estate) invests in real estate with the purpose of increasing the diversification in PFA’s overall investment portfolio thereby ensuring policy holders the best possible long-term stable return.

PFA Real Estate invests indirectly in Europe, US and Asia whereas it undertakes investments in both directly and indirectly in Denmark.
As of 31 December 2016, PFA’s real estate investments totalled DKK 39.5 billion (EUR 5.3 billion).

Danish commercial properties

As of 31 December 2016, PFA Real Estate’s commercial real estate portfolio comprised of 64 office properties with approximately 344 leases and ten properties under construction. The properties are primarily office and the total lettable area is approximately 620,000 square meters. DATEA is in charge of property asset management and maintenance.

The tenants are Danish and international companies as well as public institutions appreciating a lease in a high quality property in a good location and with a professional institution as landlord.

At PFA Ejendomme’s (PFA Real Estate) website, you can find a list of currently vacant leases (Danish only).

Danish residential properties - "PFA Boliger"

A part of the strategy is to invest in residential properties. Investments within this segment are made through both developments and existing properties in prime locations.

As of 31 December 2016, the portfolio included 23 properties with approximately 1000 units in existing properties in Copenhagen and another 600 units under construction in Copenhagen, Hillerød and Ålborg.

PFA policyholders are able to register for a rental unit on My PFA (Mit PFA)

International real estate investments

PFA Real Estate manages PFA’s investments in real estate outside Denmark. The investments are primarily made as indirect investments in real estate funds, but are also made as direct investments by way of joint ventures and co-investments.

As a result of the positive trends in the global economy, PFA has increased its focus on foreign investments in recent years.

Focus is primarily on Europe, US and Asia.